How To Spot A

Scam Rubber Stamp

For every 10 individuals who join a work from home business opportunity hoping to escape from the rat race and quit their jobs, 9 of those people end up getting scammed and don’t make even one penny. The Internet has become a huge breeding ground for dishonest online marketers using disceptive methods to squeeze the last single cent from you.

The main reason why I created this site was to help you be able to avoid online scams, which are now so prevalent. I hate seeing people spending their hard earned money on these deceptive and dishonest scams.

These days, the Internet is so full of scams, along with just a select few legitimate opportunities. So how can all the scams be avoided?

Scam Alert 1- Holy Grail System: Promise of Huge Profits With Little Or No Effort Needed

Anytime an online product or marketer claims you can make tons of money with no or little effort necessary, then you know it is definitely a scam. The “Holy Grail” doesn’t actually exist anywhere in this world that can create success for you automatically. The bottom line is you must create your own success through plenty of hard work and effort.

Scam Alert 2- You Are Left In The Dark

When a product only has a sales video and you are not shown exactly how you will make money using the program or system, then it is most likely a scam. This strategy is used by a majority of these scams to peak your curiosity. The paid content often doesn’t have much substance to it, and it is hard to validate the effectiveness of the product without having a lot of information to go on.

Purchasing a product without really being aware of what you’re getting involved with is one of the worst things that you can do. So the next time a rosy picture of your future is painted for you by a product using a sales video only on a one page website, run away fast. Report it here, to help me save others from the scam.

Scam Alert 3- Continual Upsells And Downsells


Anytime you run into a product or program that offers a special discount to you when you attempt to exit the sales page, there is a good chance it is a scam. Think about it. If a product or program is that great, why are they so desperate for you to join?

Most likely, it is because there will be upsells waiting for you after you join the program. Or there could be a lack of quality content and information for its members.


It can definitely be a real hassle when you join a program that requires you to purchase one product after another once you have become a member.

First you are introduced to the entire concept of making money online. After you join the program’s membership, you discover you are going to have to purchase another product in order to learn about something else, and then to gain even more knowledge another product will need to be purchased.

When it comes to spending your hard earned money, there is no end in sight. Once you finally realize you have been scammed, you may have already spent hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars purchasing various products.

Scam Alert 4- Testimonials Use Scammy Or Fake Photos

So many programs these days use fake testimonials. Then they will have a disclaimer in small print that states the product testimonials aren’t 100% real. Stay away from these.

Product owners claiming they’ve made a fortune over the Internet and claiming they can teach you how you can do the same exact thing, but use fake photos and names for covering up their real identities, are trying to hide something. These are the types of products you want to stay far away from.

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Scam Alert 5- High Pressure Sales Tactics

If a program or product attempts to convince you that the offer is a limited one that must be acted on now, don’t do it. You should always take your time when deciding on a purchase. This is merely a marketing gimmick, pure and simple.

That doesn’t mean every program using this marketing tactic is necessarily a scam. However, what I am saying is you should take as much time as you need to completely understand what it is you are signing up for prior to making your final decision.

Scam Alert 6- Support Is Not Offered

Customer support is among the most important factors for considering how valuable the membership program is. You should always test the program’s product support feature. You want to know whether you are going to be well taken care of after you join the program as a member.

Any program that is legitimate will spend the extra time to reply to any questions that you may have. As a general rule, if you receive an answer to your question within 1 or 2 days, the program may be worth joining.

Scam Alert 7- No Way To Contact

If a product or program doesn’t furnish any contact information, then run away fast! Stay very far way from these kinds of programs. There is a very high probability that the program is a scam.

It could be very difficult to get your money back, and it could get even worse if the payment for the membership is a recurring one. You may be able to contact your credit card company to cancel the membership if that ever happens.

However, no legitimate business hides its contact information. Credibility is everything to a reputable business.

Scam Alert 8- Videos Or Images Flaunting Posh Cars, Mansions And The Like

Don’t let all those nice toys that the gurus are flashing fool you. They are just something that is used to try to entice you to want all of the things that these so-called gurus all have.

Focus on the product itself and what it has to offer you rather than the flashy toys or sales pitches the gurus are are trying to tempt you with.

A majority of reputable programs offer free trials so that you can test their product out. Before making a final decision, make sure to take your time, and preferably test a product out first.

General Rule Of Thumb

Before joining a program or product, always do some research first. To get started, you can type the following phrases into Google:

“product name complaints”
“is product name any good”
“is product name worth the money”
“is product name legit”
“how much does product name cost”
“product name training”
“product name reviews”
“product name review”
“does product name work”
“is product name a scam”
“is product name scam”

Read negative reviews on a program or product in addition to the positive reviews.

If any program or product shows signs of any of the above scam alerts, proceed with extreme caution.

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How To Avoid Online Scams